Happy Monday!

Today I was vegging and not getting anything done, when at 10 am Jen text me with all the things she had done…already! I felt guilty because I wanted to do many things but hadn’t even started. I got up, sorted and started laundry, emptied the dishwasher and filled it up again, wiped down the counters and showered and got dressed! After a few loads of laundry and lunch I headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond. I got what I wanted to get the bathroom ready for guest, a trashcan for each bathroom and some glasses for the kitchen. I then headed to Staples looking for a paper shredder, I didn’t find anything I wanted but found one at office depot. I stopped by and got some food to make myself dinner (Fred had a business dinner tonight) and headed home. Once home I finished up the morning laundry, washed the new towels, cleaned the guest bathroom and hung the shower curtain and put in the new clean towels. I then made my dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, took out the trash and took a spa bath.

This week I’m grateful for:

My SPA bathtub!
My hubby!
My puppies (even though they ruined three mini blinds this week!)
My house!
Getting lots of chores done today!
Iced latte’s….they are delicious!
Jen…she got me off my butt today!


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Oh HAPPY Post!

I am a person who believes that you get out of life what you put into it! For example, if you are grumpy and negative you will get a grumpy negative life in return. So if you are happy and positive things will return to you with a positive and happy life! Jim and I have found when we are in a rut that we have been sending out negative vibes and were getting negative vibes in return. We also believe “what goes around comes around!” or whatever you want to call it!

So…with that said…Jen has inspired me to be positive! I figure what a better time to start then now, we are moving to a smaller house to make our lives simple, we have been eating better and I have not had a PEPSI (or any other soda) for over a month, I have been watching my sugar intake (I rarely eat any sweets anymore, not even really tempted!) and have lost 12 pounds in the process! So why not add being positive to my list? I believe in it, so why not practice it? Who know’s what wonderful things will happen?

With that said, my post will now be POSITIVE!

Where do I start? We close on our house in six days and move in seven! We are having a garage sale on Saturday and the weather has been dropping a few degrees! I have all our utilities arranged to be ready the day of closing the gas the day we move! I took Spike to the vet on Tuesday and he is showing signs of improvement on his back!! I have a housewarming/surprise gift for Jim that will be ready on the 28th! I’ll tell you what it is after he gets it, just incase he reads this blog! AND we had a TV repairman in today, he fixed our TV in 30 minutes and it didn’t cost me a thing! I love the Best Buy warranty deal!

I wish all my blog readers a happy blessed day!

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We did it!

On September 10, 2009 I posted we were going to buy a new house. At the time a friend of ours was interested in buying our house, and it kind of fell through. Since then we have changed our minds a million times…do we sell? do we buy? should we dare to try a piggy back loan? BUT…we never stopped looking at what was out there. The good thing is we got to the point where we knew exactly what we wanted when we finally decided on buying a new house.

Then over the past six weeks or so we have gotten our ducks in a row, so to speak. We are at a point in our lives that we can buy a house and move then fix up our house to sell. Then to top it off we found “the house!” I would post pictures, but the realtors have already removed the pictures from their web site. We have already put an offer in on the house, the bank has approved our loan and our offer has been accepted! We close on the 30th!

We are having an inspection done on Thursday and I’ll see if I can take pictures then! We are so excited, I wish we could wave a magic wand and be in our new house already! To top it off I have talked Jim into buying new living room furniture, I have already sold our two recliners!

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Calling all family and friends….

After great soul searching I have decided to sign up a team for the Alzheimer’s walk in Overland Park again this year. Please mark you calendar for October 2, 2010 and join us for a fun morning celebrating a group effort to end Alzheimer’s disease! Please click on the link below and join our team, we would love to have you!

Link to Mendy’s Team

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$150 can of Pepsi!

Tuesday was a fun day for us, we went to our first minor league baseball game of the season!  As we were leaving the house, Fred fills his water bottle and grabs me a can of pepsi out of the mini fridge.  He drives us up to NW Arkansas and we got a great deal on our seats $10 for both our tickets and the seats were GREAT!  We enjoyed the game even though our team lost in the 13 inning just before 11:00 pm!  We still had over an hour drive before we got home.  On the way to the car Fred said we wouldn’t have to stop to get a drink because we still had a can of pepsi in the car and he saved a cup from the ballgame and he would just pour it into the cup.  When we arrived home, I almost grabbed the can out of the car but it was empty and I was tired so I left it.  Fred’s car is full of trash and dirt…what difference does it make?

Wednesday, April 14th, our taxes are finally done.  Fred wanted to meet me at the tax office after work to sign the papers.  I arrive a few minutes before him and wait in my car.  When he pulls up I thought he must have drove by a yard that was watering because there was water on the passenger’s window.  We get out of the cars and he comes around and said to me “look in my car!”  I thought “did the man clean out his car today?”  I open the door and I see the pepsi can sitting in the drink holder with the top blown up and out.  Pepsi is everywhere!  All over the seats, the inside of the windshield, the ceiling, the steering wheel, the back seat, the doors, the carpets…no matter where you looked there was pepsi!  I’d say there wasn’t a quarter of an inch of pepsi left in the can.

Get this Fred blames ME!  ME!  He was the one who last said he was going to pour that can out into a cup, not me!  Blamed me, I don’t think so Fred!  I couldn’t stop laughing, but he didn’t quite see it that way.  I finally decide I will take care of everything.  I told Fred I will let him drive my car until his car gets cleaned up.

I found a detail shop online that had great reviews so I call them first thing Thursday morning.  they said I could bring it in right away.  I felt much better when I arrived and there were five police cars getting their car cleaned, I thought “this must be the place!”  They have a packaged deal where you can get the inside and outside detailed for $150, so I ordered that package.

I am happy to say it was well worth the money.  His car looks fabulous, the carpets look new, the seats look new, they even removed a scratch from the lid of the trunk.  I can’t begin to tell you how great it looks!  It looks so good, that Fred said I can take my car in next week and get it a full detail job, without the pepsi explosion!

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Why does AT & T hate me?

So I have had “issues” with AT & T in the past and I swore I would NEVER do business with them EVER again.  It first started with our bills magically increased every month and I would call them and they would go into a rant that last month was only so many days in the billing cycle and this month has more in the billing cycle and it will “all even out in the end!”  Well it never evened out in the end we kept paying them more and more every month till I cut them off.

Then my cell phone company sold me out to AT & T and I had to deal with them again.  I must admit at first it was fine, then I added a second phone and things got out of control.  I finally decided I wanted to cut the second line and called them and they wouldn’t let me.  So I got mad and hung up on them!  Later I called them back and after they exploded my blood pressure I ended up pulling the plug on both lines and owed them tons of money to break my contract and was without a cell phone.  That’s when I switched to Verizon!

Now I’m feuding with them again!  Why did I do this to myself?  It started right before Easter weekend.  Fred came home and was talking about how he would like to get the fiber optic cable package so we could have faster internet and have something other than a dish.  I agree’d that not losing TV while we were in a storm would be nice and faster internet…who wouldn’t love that?

So Saturday before Easter I stopped in at the local AT & T office and talked to them about getting it all hooked up.  They had a great deal on a package; TV, Internet and Phone, so I signed up!  I warned them that I never had luck with AT & T!  “Oh we will help you if you ever have any issues, we promise!”  They were having problems getting the order to go through, so she said if you want to go ahead and leave I’ll call in the order and call you when I get an install date.  I was happy, they were happy!

She called me later that day and she said because of my current phone company they were having problems getting the order to go through, she was now on a waiting list to talk to the help desk and she would call me when she got things fixed 1 – 3 days.  I said “would it be easier for me to go ahead and cancel the phone service and then run the order?” NO…we will get this though in a few days!  I was happy, they were happy!

Later that next week, she calls me after the help desk called her!  There wasn’t a problem with my order but still the phone company we had and she was on a list to be called by another help desk!  When they call her she will call me!  I was ok, they were happy!

So a few days later I get a letter from AT & T saying I needed that letter when they come to install my service and it had my pin number on it!  I’m thinking “my order must have been completed!”  So I was doing errands and stopped by the office.  I asked “does this mean my order was done?”  So they pulled up my account and said “No, but it was a good sign!”  The codes that were on the order were confusing to all of them and some executive was on her way to that office and when she got there they would ask her what was going on and call me back.  I asked again “would it be easier if I just canceled my current phone service?”  No you don’t have to do that!  I brought up again that I don’t have much luck with AT & T!  They were all saying “we will change that for you today!”  I was happy, they were happy!

A few hours later they call me!  “Well what you have to do is call your phone company and get a cutoff date and when that happens we can then get an install date!”  What?  I wanted to do that a week ago and they said it would cause problems!  Getting annoyed, I told her the current phone is under my husbands name and I had to wait till he got out of a meeting then I would get the ball rolling again.  It was a Friday afternoon and Fred came home and I told him, so he called our current phone company.  They said “your new phone company has to contact us to disconnect!”  Is this some sick joke?  My husband explained “we have already gone down that road and now we are going down the road where we disconnect our service!”  So they explained “send us an email with your request and we usually disconnect the same day!”  I’m annoyed, they are still happy!

We decided to wait till the following week, because we were going into a weekend!  Monday and Tuesday were not good, so we finally bit the bullet and had our phone disconnected on Wednesday!  As soon as we lost phone service I drive down to the office to get the ball rolling again!  The lady said “it may take three days for the other phone company to completely disconnect, but we will try to process your order.”  What?  Three days?  Am I on Candid Camera?  She processes the order and the next thing she said was they will be there tomorrow at 9:00 am!  Holy cow are you serious?  I then make the mistake of asking “are you sure everything on the order was correct?”  Well for some reason the girl couldn’t get my order to pull up so she calls the help desk.  She is on the phone forever and she finally says “if you want to leave I will call you when this is all finished!”  I was happy, they are happy!

An hour or so later my phone rings.  The help desk lady said there was an error on the order, so they canceled the first order and placed a new order but by doing so we lost the Thursday 9:00 time slot and moved it to Friday at 1:00!  I was cool with that because it gave me more time to clean my home.  I was happy, they are happy!

Thursday morning about 8:50 my dogs start barking like crazy!  What the heck is going on?  I just am getting out of the shower!  Then the doorbell rings again!  CRAP!  I throw on my robe and go to the front of the house…I can’t see out my front door so I look in the driveway and on the road and see nothing.  So I creep out the front door and in my driveway is the AT & T truck!  CRAP!  I go inside and call the AT & T office.  The assure me that the order for that day was canceled and they are there in error not to worry about it!  The AT & T office has confirmed the order for Friday.  So I hang up throw some clothes on and go outside, by this time the truck is gone.  I assume they figured out the error and moved on.  What’s weird is they didn’t even leave a card saying “sorry we missed you” or anything!  I called back AT & T and talk to the girl I’ve been dealing with from day one!  She said I did the right thing because the order they had was wrong and once on sight it can’t be changed.  She said she had the confirmed order for Friday and they will be there at 1:00!  Fred is LIVID!  He starts griping at me saying I should have let the man in and saying they wont show up on Friday!  I am upset, they are happy!

Friday, Fred takes the day off and helps me finish getting the house cleaned up!  We are finished early and we both shower and clean up long before the 1:00 time slot!  I’m getting excited in a few hours we will have new TV, Internet and Phone service!  It’s going to be a fun weekend learning all the new stuff from our TV!  Fred goes and plays with his ham radio stuff and I wait and wait and wait…1:00 comes and goes, 1:30 still NO service man….Fred is pacing I say “It’s not unusual for them to be late in an afternoon appointment!”  So by 2:00 I call AT & T office I tell the girl “sorry to bother you again, but they are not here yet!”  She said “no problem and they do have a window of swing time they can be late!”  She assured me she would find out what was going on!  An hour later she finally calls me back!  Basically AT & T doesn’t use the same computer system for the sales office and the installation office.  They printed off the first work order, but NEVER got the second work order!  Get this…the first work order was CORRECT!  Plus it’s too late for them to send anyone out to install my service we can get you someone out there on TUEDAY at 1:00!  I lost it!

I said “I think I just want to cancel EVERYTHING! I told you I didn’t like AT & T and look what happens to me!”  Then Fred gets on the phone!  I wont repeat everything, but basically it came down to they had one hour to come back with something to make it worth our while to stay with AT & T or we would cancel the order and go to the local cable company!  Within 15 minutes she called me back, she called three executive numbers and finally got in touch with a lady in Houston.  They are giving me $100 credit to our first bill to make up for all we have been through.  Nothing to them, but a little something for us!  I am VERY annoyed, they are not happy!

So now we are without a phone, but for some odd reason they forgot to disconnect our internet!  We shall see what Tuesday brings us, I’m not going to get my hopes up.  I don’t understand how a company has big as AT & T could be so unorganized, the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing!  If there were ANY other company in town that could offer this service I would use them, but they have the monopoly on this!  I am NOT happy, they are NOT happy!

This service  better be worth the hassle!

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What a weekend….so far!

We started out the weekend by going around to different garden centers around town (I’ve been to more this week than I ever have been to in my life) Friday night.  Jim aka Fred decided he wanted to set up an automatic water system for my Topsy Turvy.  I thought he meant buying a automatic timer and running a hose to the plant and that would be it, but NO!  While I was wondering around the garden center looking at pots and plants and such he heads off to the outdoor plumbing area.  He comes back with his arms loaded with stuff!  I was like, is he making this stuff up in his head?  He will never do it and if he does there will be hoses all over my yard and it will look awful!  But, not to hurt his feelings, I didn’t say anything and let him “buy his stuff!”  I ended up buying a strawberry pot so I can plant some cactus, some cactus plants, some garden gloves, a hoe and a box of lawn trash bags and we headed home!

Saturday we get up and I’m dragging my feet and Fred is like “let’s get outside before it gets too warm!”  So I get off my bum and get dressed and we head outside!  I started in a project to “find my outdoor faucet and our pool pump!”  For some reason our lawn guy quit doing the extras and all the bushes and flower beds are getting out of control!  So the bushes around the faucet had to be attacked first, and around all the bushes are layers and layers of leaves.  Every time I squish back there to turn on the water I think “I’m going to step on a snake!” and hold my breath!  So for two hours I suck up leaves (I have a leaf blower/vacuum I bought on QVC years ago) and trimmed back the bushes!  I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but what I did get finished looks nice and we can get to the faucet and pool pump with out any fear!  I’m happy to say, I saw NO SNAKES!

While I’m working on the bushes and such, Fred started working on his “watering project!”  He started out by digging a trench, I about fell out of my skin!  Then he attached all his gadgets together, buried the connecting hose, ran a thin hose up the Topsy Turvy stand and into the top of the pot, and made it to where I can plant a second Topsy Turvy and he can water it too!  Not only is it discrete but it’s already all together he set up the timers and best of all….IT WORKS!  What I didn’t know is Fred used to help his dad in Australia set up watering systems for his mom!  So that is how he knew what he was doing, I had to eat my words!

Saturday afternoon we headed off to more garden centers and I bought my second Topsy Turvy with a stand, two more tomato plants, a sweet yellow pepper plant, a jalapeno plant and some more potting soil mix.  I wanted to buy two summer squash plants, but they told me summer squash doesn’t like cold so they wont put them out till next week.  So now I have to wait till then to plant everything!  Then we stopped in at the store and bought stuff so I could grill chicken  for dinner!

Today I plan on planting my cactus and setting up my second Topsy Turvy.  I need to clean my living room and bedroom because we are having our AT&T U-verse installed some time next week.  I wasn’t too thrilled about doing business with AT&T, we haven’t had the best of luck in the past.  The only thing is they are the ONLY ones to offer fiberoptic service and Fred want’s it REAL bad!  So I went in last week and they are now offering a “package deal” so I went ahead and signed up!  We are getting high speed internet, we are going from a 1 Mbps internet speed to a 12 Mbps.  Fred is so excited about that he can hardly stand it, I may never get him off his computer at nights!  We are also getting a home phone service…nothing exciting and TV service.  I must admit it will be nice to have TV service during a storm without the dish going out, I really HATE that!  Our current phone service is making things difficult switching over, so we may lose our current phone number.  If that happens we will just have to deal with it!

I guess it’s time again for me to get off my bum and get to work!  Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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